Vote Labour this Thursday 4th July

Election Week is finally here. Our country, and Southampton, is at a turning point.

We owe it to ourselves, our communities and future generations to get the job done and consign this Conservative Government to history. To finally turn the page on their Tory failure and chaos, and to offer hope and change with a new Labour Government. 

If we form a government, Labour will start a process of renewal, to rebuild our country, and I will work my socks off to make sure Southampton gets a good slice of the pie.

If you want change, you have to vote for it

But, before we get there, we need to get out and vote! If you want a better future and if you want change – you have to go out and vote for it.

We cannot leave anything up to chance. We cannot risk waking up on Friday to another five years of the Tories when we could wake up to a summer of change.

Make a plan

Make a plan to vote on Thursday. Find your Polling Station. Put your photo ID in your wallet and remember to bring it with you to vote.

Do you want to vote tactically to keep the Tories out? All the tactical voting websites point to the same answer: Vote Labour.

The smaller parties can’t win here and they can promise you the moon on a stick because they know there is no chance their policies will be tested in government. Don’t waste your vote and risk a Tory win.

Vote Labour

Southampton is my home. It’s where I was born, grew up and have always lived. I know people in our city are hugely ambitious for themselves, their families and Britain’s future. If I’m your MP, I will be with you all the way.

A better future is possible – but only if we vote for it.

Vote for change. Vote Labour!

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