Satvir Kaur wearing a helmet and holding a skateboard, photographed with skateboarders in Guildhall Square

My politics have been shaped by my upbringing, my family, and my life experiences.

I have a strong belief in people, communities and our potential.

While the world we live in is not equal, we all should work together to make it fairer. In my experience, ‘equal opportunities’ doesn’t always mean equal access to those opportunities, and as such I am a firm believer that when you lift our poorest and most vulnerable out of poverty, it lifts and benefits everyone in society.

Satvir Kaur when she was younger, photographed with her dad at their market stall, with clothes and fabrics on racks for sale

Just like my parents did for me, I think we all want and should work to provide a better life and planet for our children and the next generation. 

Southampton and its people have given me so much, and I feel honoured to be in a position, first in local government and now as the parliamentary candidate, to give something back. It’s why I work tirelessly to create a place where we can all enjoy living, working, and raising our children. A city recognised, admired and respected nationally and internationally with as bright a future as it has a proud past.

Satvir Kaur photographed with school girls and St Anne's school in central Southampton

To make this a reality, we need a national and local long-term vision for Southampton and the UK. 

  • Economically it means prioritising long-term investment in education, skills and infrastructure to keep us better connected. It means supporting future sectors, while focusing on a green and sustainable future.
  • Politically it means working with communities rather than just for communities. For too long we have had top-down and quick-fix politics, rather than a politics that truly listens to our communities and considers the way we make decisions.
  • Socially it means real, sustained action to deal with long-standing social issues such as health inequalities, mental illness, and the housing crisis, while at the same time creating the dynamic, innovative and connected communities we need for the future.