Canvassing round-up

Week in week out, Southampton Labour teams and I hit the doorsteps across the city and chat to residents. We call round regularly to hear people’s views, tackle problems, offer assistance, and also encourage people to get out and use their vote!

Talking to other Southampton residents has always been one of my favourite parts of politics, ever since I first joined the Labour Party. I genuinely love going out canvassing to meet as many as possible and I find it is the best way to speak to people whose voices might otherwise go unheard.

While people may not always be aware of all the latest political twists and turns, one thing we all have in common is the fact that we care about our our families, our homes, our jobs and our neighbourhoods. We care about our quality of life and, when bad political decisions start to impact these things, people want to stand up and make their voices heard.

More and more, this is the current state of affairs. People on the doorstep, who have previously been less interested in politics, have realised the damage that 14 years of Tory government has done to this country and they are now determined to do something about it.

With the cost of living crisis and every public service on its knees, there is a general feeling that we cannot go on like this and that the situation has become completely desperate. Many people feel that our future as a country now depends on getting the Tories out of office and returning Labour to government.

If you feel the same and want to get involved with campaigning for Labour locally, visit:

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