Southampton Test

Satvir Kaur and Keir Starter chatting to a Southampton resident

I am hugely grateful to Labour members in Southampton Test for selecting me to be their next Parliamentary Candidate, when our MP Alan Whitehead stands down at the next general election. I know I have big shoes to fill and I am honoured to have Alan’s support.

It was wonderful to get the opportunity to meet with so many old and new faces at the selection whilst setting out my stall, and I am honoured that the members’ decision went in my favour. I can’t wait to work with everyone during the campaign and beyond. 

As Leader of the Council, I worked hard with an great team to make our city better. But to tackle many of the big issues – the cost of living, lack of affordable housing, public services on their knees – we need a Labour government. I am determined to help return that Labour government at the next election with two Labour MPs in Southampton.

I got involved in the Labour movement because of my experiences growing up, learning and working in Southampton. As the daughter of a market trader, I really noticed the opportunities a Labour government created for families like mine, but now those opportunities are being taken away from future generations. As someone born and bred in Southampton’s inner city, growing up on free school meals and going to youth centres, having the opportunity to represent our city in Parliament is personal for me.

Alan Whitehead and Satvir Kaur wearing Labour red rosettes chatting at an election count

Now that I have been selected as the Labour candidate, the real work begins. The first priority for me is retaining the seat for Labour after Alan Whitehead stands down. Following that, residents of Southampton Test have my commitment that I will work tirelessly and with integrity to represent our city in Parliament, just as Alan has.

I have always believed we are stronger together and would love to hear from residents in Southampton Test about what matters most to you. Please get in touch.